Yael David

Post-Doctoral Researcher

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Yael was born and raised in Israel. After her brush with danger in the army, she moved to her first US adventure as a BSc at SUNY Stony Brook, where she discovered her passion for research. She went back to Israel to investigate her all-time-favorite protein, ubiquitin, under the supervision of Dr. Ami Navon at the Weizmann institute of Science, earning her MSc and PhD. Yael dived into the world of chemical biology when she joined the Muir lab in 2011, receiving her “chemist” patch doing organic synthesis and learning the difference between a dirty HPLC trace and a clean protein NMR. Yael is interested in understanding how different positioning of histone marks signal to distinct transcriptional outputs, using designer nucleosomes, SILAC based pull-down, proteomics, ChIPs and cell biology assays.

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